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Beyond the "usual".....


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Bespoke training and consultancy that:


  • improves decision making


  • addresses all sources of uncertainty


  • advances risk management.



The business world is always changing in unexpected ways; ZYX will enable your organisation to stay ahead.


ZYX customises its training according to your current needs and challenges.


The context can be strategy, project management, risk management, effecting change, building teams, avoiding a crisis, developing a risk culture.



ZYX does not pretend there is an answer.


ZYX is not offering another highly prescriptive methodology.


Its training is straightforward, built on common sense and "natural" to put into practice.


ZYX's aim is to complement, strengthen and improve, not to replace existing practices.




ZYX responds to the obvious need; we all have experience of initiatives that should have had better outcomes!




e x p o s e

t h e

r e a l
i t y



Why?  The benefits:


  • more success, less disappointment, fewer surprises


  • increased effectiveness, efficiency and overall performance


  • greater predictability, enriched job satisfaction, less stress.



ZYX offers the potential to develop a new core competency; one that can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.


ZYX has discovered, evaluated and integrated "the best" from a large variety of sources.


ZYX's approach is unique, yet highly practical.



Fundamental to ZYX's approach:


  • explore a challenge to acquire understanding


  • expose the reality of what lies beneath surface appearances


  • exploit the potential through outstanding decision-making.





The pyramid at the top depicts the same simple framework as this diagram; they highlight that learning and decision making should be ongoing as a challenge progresses.

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